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At Netfocus IT, customers can enjoy the convenience of Authorised Apple Warranty & Non-Warranty servicing right here in Frankston.

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Is my iPhone under warranty?

Click here for the Apple Service and Support Checker, to see if your iPhone is under warranty.

Please note that issues caused by accidental damage, including impact damage, cracked screens and liquid damage, are not covered under warranty.

Screen Replacements

Netfocus IT can facilitate the genuine replacement of iPhone screens.
Our prices are listed below:

iPhone 15 Pro Max $619
iPhone 15 Pro $549
iPhone 15 Plus $549
iPhone 15 $465
iPhone 14 Pro Max $619
iPhone 14 Pro $549
iPhone 14 Plus $549
iPhone 14 $465
iPhone 13 Pro Max $549
iPhone 13 Pro $465
iPhone 13 $465
iPhone 13 mini $385
iPhone 12 Pro Max $549
iPhone 12 Pro $465
iPhone 12 $465
iPhone 12 mini $385
iPhone 11 Pro Max $549
iPhone 11 Pro $465
iPhone 11 $329
iPhone XS $465
iPhone XS Max $549
iPhone XR $329
iPhone X $465
iPhone 8 Plus $299
iPhone 8 $265
iPhone 7 Plus $299
iPhone 7 $265
iPhone SE (2nd Generation) $235
iPhone SE (3rd Generation) $235
Battery Replacements

Repair pricing depends on Warranty Coverage and diagnostic results. Bring in your iPhone and we’ll determine the best option for you.

iPhone repair costs

Sometimes, your iPhone will need repair, if your device is determined to be covered under warranty, it’s free. If your iPhone requires a component repair, we will replace the failed component for you.

If your iPhone is determined to be a Whole Unit Replacement, we will arrange a replacement iPhone for you. Please come into store to have iPhone assessed and we'll tell you the best options for repair or replacement


Before you come in

  1. Make sure you have a backup of your device
    Data back up is ultimately your responsibility as the owner. We always prefer for our customers to perform a Time Machine or iCloud backup prior to visiting our store. Of course this may not always be possible, or you may simply be unsure how to complete this process. Follow the guidelines on Apple’s Support website here for help backing up your iOS device or phone our technicians on 1300 73 11 70 and we will guide you accordingly. Instore data recovery is part of our service offering, but will incur a fee.
  2. Make sure “Find My iPhone” is disabled
    Without disabling “Find My iPhone”, we cannot service you iOS device. Follow the guidelines on Apple’s Support website here to disable FMIP
  3. Disable Passcodes and Passwords
    To speed up repair times, we ask customers to disable any Passcode’s on iOS and watchOS devices, and disable any Password’s on macOS devices. Netfocus IT does not ask for, nor retain customer passwords. If your device retains a password after booking, our technicians will be unable to proceed with the service until it has been removed.
  4. Check your Accessories
    Most charging problems with iOS and macOS devices are actually the accessories. Before visiting our store, please check all chargers and cables for faults. If possible, insert another compatible charger or cable.
  5. Disable FileVault
    FileVault encrypts all the data on your Hard Drive. FileVault can hinder data recovery processes. Customers, if possible, should turn off FileVault before any service work is carried out.
  6. To check your Apple Product Warranty coverage, click here.

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